Random sketch

11th Nov 2017

random sketch using red ballpen.

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We will never let your friends find you!

1st Aug 2016

ManyMee is now anonymous! We will never ask for your Name, Profile Picture, Gender or Location. There are no friends or followers here. You shall be ...

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ManyMee: What are we looking for?

17th Jul 2016

Human beings are social beings. We are afraid to be alone. That is why we make friends and live in a society. But who do we make friends with? With wh ...

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Lighting-up the other side of Moon

10th Jul 2016

"If we are not able to freely share what we want to, connectivity is futile"  It is a connected world. We are all connected to each other with t ...

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Created ManyMee!

6th Jul 2016

Created ManyMee! Hopefully this will bring some change in the way people use social media as this is significantly different than the existing ones. I ...

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