I love clicking nature and animals

30th Jan 2018

would love to meet people with same interest

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11th Jan 2018

My School

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10th Jan 2018

i agree and you?

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Thank you

9th Mar 2017

I dont know how to express the joy I feel at knowing this place exists. That it encourages honest and brave hearts. Truth, authenticity, pride in in ...

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Seemingly Imperfect and Incomplete life!

16th Aug 2016

Why does it seem that my life is so imperfect and incomplete? There is a feeling that there is a lot to do. Why?

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I am yet to blossom!

2nd Aug 2016

No matter where I have reached today, no matter what I have achieved, there is always a feeling of failure within me and I am not satisfied. This in ...

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Their fat, bald and ugly husbands

2nd Aug 2016

I feel very happy when I see that the females who rejected my proposal decades back have become fat and ugly in their facebook pics. Also happy to see ...

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She thought I was about to propose her

2nd Aug 2016

Once upon a time I had called a girl, a friend of mine, to see me at some place. She thought I was about to propose her. I knew she liked me but she n ...

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Messed up date with teenage crush

2nd Aug 2016

My childhood crush had agreed to see me in a restaurant after 11 years. We were no longer teenagers and were nearing our 30s. I put a lot of oil in my ...

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I have not had many friends

2nd Aug 2016

I have never had many friends. They say I have a big ego. My bosses and coworkers have second their opinion. I still have not made out whether it is m ...

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I am so lagging behind

18th Jul 2016

I feel I am so lagging behind my friends. All my friends from my college and school are so ahead of me as far as social status and career is concerned ...

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