hurry up!

21st Jan 2018

Hurry Up girls and boys, the contest is still running so make your best move.

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best friend

5th Jan 2018

please click on superb if u like it

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Congratulations Aashish Prajapati

1st Jan 2018

🎁🎉😀Congratulations 😀🎁🎉 You have won the ManyMee Contest dated 25th December. You have won the Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs 500 ...

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ManyMee is Growing

31st Dec 2017

Congratulations ManyMee's we were featured in the Inventiva startup magazine.

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Stay Tuned

29th Dec 2017

Wanna Win This ....

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Gift Card in a Blue Box

28th Dec 2017

Hi Everyone, 👋 Hope you all are doing Great 😀 ManyMee Contest is up 👍and running, Hope you Guys are ready to Win ✌the Amazon Gift Card ...

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ManyMee Contest

25th Dec 2017

Participate & Grab a Chance to Win Amazon Gift Voucher of Rs 500. Winners will be Contacted via Email and Announced in ManyMee App and Facebook Page. ...

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We don't get work

21st Jul 2016

"We dont get work. Even if we get work, we don't get proper rate" "काम नहीं मिलता।  काम मिलता है ...

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I like working here in the city

21st Jul 2016

"I work in this vegetable shop. I like working here in the city. My family is in the village. There is lot of tension there." "मैं यह स ...

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All I want is my family to be happy

17th Jul 2016

"I was married when I was 21. I have a little daughter. I manage to see them once in two months. All I want is my family to be happy" " मेरी ...

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I am fine with Life

15th Jul 2016

"नहीं ऐसा कुछ नहीं है जो है ठीक है"  ("No there's nothing I may wish for, whatever I have is O ...

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They think I am a backward girl

13th Jul 2016

"I am not allowed to wear jeans, I so much wish to wear all the western dresses and I know they will look more nice on me. My parent's don't allow me ...

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I did everything I could to save his life

12th Jul 2016

“I did everything I could to save his life; went to the best hospitals for his treatment but lost him. I wish I had more sons. I did everything ...

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