He hung up on me!

7th Jul 2016

I come form a very traditional family, yet i dared to fall in love with a boy who is not even close to our caste , he is from a different community, and inspite of all the odds i went ahead to fall in love with him and waited for him by rejecting so many boys my parents coaxed me to meet sighting one or the other issue with them.

He assured me that once he gets a job after graduating he will talk to my parents and he said they will accept because he earns better and looks better than any other boys they were seeing for me. I waited and when he got the job he took more time saying he needs to settle in a other city first. I still waited and kept our relationship alive over phones , emails and chats. 

He called me the other day saying his parents are forcing him to get married to a girl of their choice, he says he is helpless, i said tell them the same thing you said to me that you need time to settle. he hung up on me.


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13th Jul 2016

hi akansha You will find anyone better than this guy, move on hes just not worth you

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14th Jul 2016

even i had a breakup recently

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