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9th Mar 2017

I am too excited at having found a community EXACTLY like this one to stop and consider the words I type, how they are grammatically formed, spelled, if their sequential order is made of pure nonsense or not. I havent time for that. Too much to say. Too much to share. Im busting at the seams, random thoughts are jumping to the front of my mind swuealing "pick me! Pick me!" 


Your times will come. We have a home now, silly thoughts. We can share now. 



You dont believe me?

But I do. I love you. 

That may seem strange, because weve never met. I dont know what your face looks like, I dont know your parents names or where you grew up or any of your dislikes or likes, but none of that matters. I dont need the facts of you to love you. 

We are connected. We share the same ancestor. We are family. We are all family. We are brothers and sisters stumbling around IN THE LIGHT, and are still lost lol I love us. 


We are cruel. We are scared. We are reactionary and dangerous.


But we are all together in this. 


I wish I could hug you. I wish I could offer hugs to strangers. I wish I could sing everyone in the world a silly song and look in their eyes and remind them, they always have family with me. 


It hurts me, so much, not to be able to help you. 

When you look at me, and see right through me, and dismiss all my love, it tortures me. I know everyone needs someone sometimes, and I have so much to give. 


But weve lost trust in one another. 

Its not your fault. Its not any ones fault. We grew up confused, thinking we had to protect ourselves instead of thinking that we have to protect each other. ANd shouldnt we? 

I feel so detached from the world I live in sometimes, because it doesnt make sense to me.

I dont know why things have to be so cold, why policy is created by humans to fuck over other humans. I dont understand why grocery stores and chain food restaurants are aware that there are humans, people, children, starving in their neighborhoods...and yet throw away food. Food is sent to the dump. A Business Man can throw up argument after agument about how it is unsafe, how their company cant be help liable for food sickness, its all meaningless because all I hear is that they dont care enough to make it work. Bottom line, your family is hungry and you are throwing away lifetimes supplies of food. 

I dont understand why anyone is ever treated differently because of the language they speak, or the clothes they wear, or why they choose to believe as long as that belief does not harm anyone else. I dont get it. 

I dont understand nationalism or patriotism. That is a very unpopular  thing I just said.

But it never made sense to me.

School spirit never made sense to me. School rivals never made sense to me. 

I think its backwards as fuck.  

Why is anyone ever  taught to think that someone is lesser because they are growing up on a different side OF AN IMAGINARY LINE? WHAT IS THAT?! Why are we not taught to make out COMMUNITIES BIGGER WIDER AND MORE ACCEPTING! What is there to be gained from keeping anything exclusive? 

Money isnt real.

Economics are not real.

Politics are not real.

We made them up, and we made them in such a way as to make it harder to bridge gaps. 


I wish I could change it all for us. 

I will take small steps every day to build a community like this one, in the real world <3 

I have to go. I promise not all of my heart pourings will be so scattered and broken! 


Remember that I love you!

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11th Mar 2017

Very nicely conveyed. Its so true that we need more humanity today because our future depends only if we peacefully co exist not just among humans but all flora and fauna. Tc ☺

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18th Sep 2017

Very true!

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18th Sep 2017


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18th Sep 2017

Very nicely said!

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