Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is ManyMeeTMThe idea is to pour your heart, talk about things that we do not generally talk about in the existing social platforms and find people in the same boat as ours

ManyMee is unique in a way that it allows people to publish content and interact with other users without disclosing their identities.

Throughout the service one shall be known by a unique username that has been chosen during registration. ManyMee does not and will never in the future ask for any personal identification information like Names, photographs, phone number, gender or age, thus providing the required room to the users to open their hearts, in the process find many in the same boat as theirs and connect with them at a much deeper level.

We connect to share. ManyMeeTM makes connecting worthwhile by enabling people to share whatever they want to share freely without inhibitions. ManyMeeTM urges you to open-up and in the process help others open up and eventually find people in the same boat as yours with with whom you can have a deeper connect. What you're at your heart – the authentic “you” - and what all your heart wants to pour out, the heartpours, you shall be able to share freely here.

Here you are connected to none in particular but to all registered members. All the heartpours are open and accessible to all registered members. What is searchable here are only your heartpours.

You may expect unbiased opinions, empathy, encouragement and inspiration here. Here there is no pressure to keep up with your friends by fabricating "likable" situations, maintain and enhance appearances everyday or compare your life with others. Here you do not have to be embarrassed if your posts do not get a response, remove posts if they do not receive likes or comments or to think before posting a picture. Here you do not have to be under pressure to like comments posted by friends or accept friend requests from people you work with. 


2. What is a heartpour? A heartpour can be called "Pourings of your heart" or "whatever your heart yearns to pour out".


3. Why ManyMeeTM does not have the feature to connect with our friends? ManyMeeTM intents to connect you to people who will neither have preconceived notions about you nor their status, whether real or fake, will have a controlling influence on your confidence, thus enabling you to freely open-up and share being who you truly are. Once you are able to share at will, connectivity is worthwhile and you are yourself again. 


4. Where does the name ManyMeeTM come from? In this space one shall discover that there are "Many [like] Me" and "Many [with] Me". Hence the name ManyMeeTM


5. How did the Idea Germinate? We questioned "what good is connectivity when not being able to freely share real stuff?" and created ManyMeeTM to make connectivity deliver its complete value. ManyMeeTM was conceptualized by us when we felt the need for a platform where we could share whatever we wanted to freely with people who would care. We could not do it in an existing plaform. 


6. How does ManyMeeTM work? Any person with a valid email ID can register. You may register from the registration/Login page after providing the information requested in the registration form. Filling of all the requested fields are necessary for a successful registration. After successful registration, you may feel the need to browse through the heartpours of others, which show up as and when they are created in the home page or give words to the pouring of your own heart by clicking “What is in your heart?” located at the top of every page or in the menu in your profile page.

Your heartpour will immediately show up in the home page and will be visible to all registered members. As you are not searchable in ManyMeeTM but your heartpours are, you have to make others discover you and you can do that by making great comments in the heartpours of others. Once they read your heartpour, and find it interesting, they would like to know more about you. They will they visit your profile by clicking your username and get to see your heartpours there, go through them, comment or say “I am with you” or “We’re in the same boat” or simply “Superb” by clicking the respective icons and as a result follow your heartpours.

At ManyMeeTM, the more you comment and comment well, the more discoverable you are. And this is how you let more and more people read your heartpours and follow you.


7. I do not see a “follow” button. How do I follow a heartpour? At ManyMeeTM you automatically follow a heartpour either by commenting on a heartpour or by clicking one or all of the three icons. Once you follow, you receive notifications for every comment made in that particular heartpour.


8. How do I transmit messages quickly in ManyMeeTM? ManyMee is not meant for quick sharing of one line messages with a large population but more about people. We expect people to explore the site and read more about people and what their hearts wants to tell us.

But you can still transmit message quickly by pasting the message (the message could be one of the heartpour links or any external link, or you may want to put down some words) you want to transmit in the comment box of all your heartpours. You may also paste the message in the comment box in the heartpour of yours with maximum following. Every user following your heartpour receives a notification regarding your message. 


In this regard the way ManyMeeTM works is unique.

Any comment made by either yourself or some other user in your heartpours, will send a notification to all the people who follow your heartpour. You cannot be more than one, but you can have as many numbers of heartpours you like and all these heartpours of yours will have followings. With users not following you but your heartpours, you are connected to much larger population than what it would be if people followed you as a single user. If you make a comment in all your heartpours about the message you want to share with maximum people, it reaches a much larger population. If the groups who receive your message do the same thing, the message spreads like wildfire.  

When you create a heartpour, you may just copy and paste the link in the comment box in all your heartpours to let people who follow your heartpours know that you have created a heartpour.  You just have to copy the link address and paste it in the comment box and submit. The heading of your heartpour and the first few lines of the text appears along with the comment. 

If you want a message to be transmitted very quickly to as many people as possible, you can create a heartpour with the message and write to us at, we shall take a call on whether to broadcast your message.  


9. Why we do not see the famous "like" icon here? What are the three new icons? Unlike in the existing social networks we have done away with "Like". You will no longer have to "fabricate" likable situations and share them to receive "likes" and keep up with others in your little circle. At ManyMeeTM we have introduced three new icons to express your feelings and emotions better. 

At ManyMeeTM we encourage you to give and get support for heartpours or second ones opinion by clicking "I am with you" - a simple yet powerful way to convey your innermost true feelings shown with an icon of holding hand in hand. 

Since life is not all about reactions its more about responses, at ManyMeeTM we have introduced a revolutionary icon "We're in the same boat" where a click lets you share, support, encourage and make deep emotional connection with people who share the same life situations as yours be it positive or otherwise. 

And you can always share happiness and love with everyone by clicking on "Superb ".   


10. Why do we not find a way to arrange the heartpours with the most popular on top? We have purposely not included this option as it would give rise to competition. We want you to explore the heartpours as much as possible and not compete to take your heartpours on top. This option would make users unhappy when they see that their heartpours are not gaining popularity. The website would then lose its core purpose. 


11. How do we use “@”? "@" is used to communicate between participants in any particular heartpour page. The moment, in a comment, a name is mentioned with @ as prefix, the name mentioned receives a notification saying "Username has mentioned you in a comment".    


12. Can we paste a link in the comment box? Yes. A link can be pasted in the comment box. The moment a link is placed in the comment box (and spacebar or Enter is pressed or the cursor is clicked outside the comment box), the headline of the page and a part of the text shows up below the comment box. We request you to wait a few seconds for the link to appear. It takes few seconds to call the text from the other website. 

Once "submit" is clicked, the headline of the page and a part of the text that showed up becomes a part of the comment. 

There is a separate field for pasting a link when you start a heartpour by clicking “What is in your heart?”


13. Have you built a Mobile App yet? No. We have not built an app yet. But ManyMeeTM is very mobile friendly and can be easily accessed from any Android or iOS device.


14. What if I want to delete my account? You may send an email to us at from your registered Email ID mentioning your username and the subject line "Remove Account" and we shall delete it within the next 4 days. For further information please see our Privacy Policy.