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Aaj ka din bhot kharab

12th Jan 2018

i feel so bad to share this but aaj toh hadh hi ho gyi ..a boy slapped from front..bhot bhot kharab..i ferl so bad i can't say..why are men like this ..

apne ghar me maa bhejn hoye bhi log kyun karte hau aise kaam..

bhot hogya g...

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I wish I had stopped by

19th Jul 2016

I regret dumping you nikesh! I wish somehow this reaches you. I have been in so many relationships but not even one guy is like you, everyone is mean and so cheap . I feel so bad for myself that i had to dump a guy like you.  please come back i...

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I still remember the day you had Slapped me

14th Jul 2016

I am reminded of the slap you printed on my face every time i see you in my face book’s “people you may know” listings. What was my fault only that I didn’t do the homework and so were many others along with me who rose in the...

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