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Finding peace here

5th Jan 2018

I don't know but i want to share my feelings without being said right or wrong. .so whtever happens in anyones life can happen to thm as well. so its better not to say ppl anythng because u havnt walked in thr shoes.

u dont knoe thr journ...

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Trouble doesnt leave me

2nd Jan 2018

mujhe aisa lagta gai god chahte nhi ki sab thik rahr..ankit is a mummas boy..i waited for him to come back and after long wait i get this..he doesn't evn trust me .

and we were planning to have a baby now i dont want to unless things get ...

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Hello Everyone I am back..

1st Dec 2017

Am thankful to god and this community for everything is just going well in my life..ankit thank you too my love for understanding me..

I am back app ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

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Ankit is back..! โ˜บ

9th Oct 2016

Am really happy ..i have nothing to write much today just tht am very happy he is back..   Wil write more layer lors has happened in btn

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life seems so lifeless without you ankit

23rd Aug 2016

I am just dealing with everything thats happenin right now ..and trying to best adjust becaise thrs nothing i can do..i could visit my mumma few days back and was happy bt its ok you learn to be wtih osme ppl aftr spendin time with thm. ankit is so ...

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its getting difficult every day i want to go home..

4th Aug 2016

my mother in law wont let me survive this time happily..she is not even letting me go for a day to visit my so sad , depressed...she is a big dramebaaz says bhot bimaar hun..kaun dekheega n all tht...har din kuch na kuch kich so...

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And he left!

24th Jul 2016

i am feeling so depressed and helpless now ankit has left fro australia.. am unable to write anything am literally crying ..i cant do anything so mad..i want to go to my moms soon as ankit left my mother in law has strtd shwing her co...

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I can't stop him anymore

18th Jul 2016

Ive tried everything to make ankit understand not to leave me alone or atleast let me live at my moms place till tht time..nobody is understanding that his parents can easily live thr are maids and helpers at home..but she wants to keep me only to to...

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Why Leave me Alone

14th Jul 2016

Ankit told me that he had applied for a job in australia few months back and that everything seems to be working out. he says he will have to go for some months leaving me in his house. he doesnt want me to go at my mums place saying that his mom and...

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He is no more the Man I loved

10th Jul 2016

Today I was again scolded by my mother in law for not being able to make round chapattis; I don’t understand why the shape of chapatti is more important than their taste or texture. Ultimately it has to go inside the stomach; the stomach doesn&...

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