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I love myself

1st Dec 2017

Loving Everything about myself. .

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Dil se

24th Nov 2017

dil se

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Ive moved on and happy being single

19th Nov 2017

i am happy and havw moved on in life..not planning to have any relationship now..i feel all this time i explored the purpose of my life..

am just too much into myself now and have no time for any other shitt..

am free bird

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I got a message from my ex

19th Aug 2017

My ex is trying to get in touch with me .am in no mood to take his shit anymore. Its over so its over

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behavioural problems

13th Aug 2016

some people really dont know how they are supposed to behave with others. i feel this kind of people are fill everywhr..wish i could control them i i had some special powers.. thy annoy me big time and i hate it whn i cnanot give thm back in thr fac...

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Binge Eating after Breakup

8th Jul 2016

am unable to move on and have started binge eating, am just unable to control this urge. the love for chocolates and desserts is increasing day by day. i dont know if id get fat soon after having all this.  it could have been easier had i not b...

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Is it possible to move on after a breakup?

7th Jul 2016

life seems to be unfair to me , i dont know why this had to happen with me, am unable to cope up with the pain of breaking up with my boyfriend. Its difficult to forget him completely , am lost and have lost interest in most of the things i loved doi...

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He hung up on me!

7th Jul 2016

I come form a very traditional family, yet i dared to fall in love with a boy who is not even close to our caste , he is from a different community, and inspite of all the odds i went ahead to fall in love with him and waited for him by rejecting so ...

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